The Procedure

For any Property Registration Transaction, the following documents are mandatory:

  • Passport (In original and copy)
  • Title Deed (Original)
  • NOC from the Developer in Original (if it is a Freehold Property)
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement in Original
  • Cheque/s in the seller’s name

Property Registration Procedure in Dubai

  • The buyer and seller must visit the DLD (Dubai Land Department - Project Registration Centre) together to start the process.
  • The buyer presents his passport and full contact details
  • The buyer and seller proceed to the registration desk where the seller will receive payment from the buyer for the sale amount.
  • This will happen in the presence of a DLD official.
  • The details of the sale are entered in an e-form.
  • Both Parties need to sign this e-form.
  • The sale of property is registered with the Dubai Land Department.
  • The seller and buyer pay the service fee to the cashier.
  • The new title deed is issued in the buyer’s name, along with a location map location of the property.
  • This completes the process.
  • However, if the DLD has any doubt with respect to the current value of the Property being registered, the buyer and seller are referred to the appraisal division of the DLD; until the DLD staff complete re-evaluating the value of the property.