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Expert Assistance on Dubai Land Department Property Registration

Our On Time Ameen Tasjeel business prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service. We make the Property Registration process effortless for all of the key stakeholders including the Buyer, the Seller and the Agent. It is a requirement of the Dubai Government that all property transactions are registered when bought or sold, which is where On time Property Registration comes in. With our dedicated team of professionals we deliver. VIP services from our Business Bay Location in Clover Bay Tower.

Trustee Offices Authorised by Dubai Government

We are one of the Dubai Land Department Property Registration Trustees that act as satellite offices of the department to allow individuals to register properties, mortgage, and Oqood transactions (for off-plan properties) without having to personally visit the office of the department.

As such, we offer a comprehensive suite of property and real estate services, including opening of Escrow accounts, Oqood registration in Dubai, transfer of property, and title deed registration, among others.

Escrow Account Dubai Real Estate Developers Need

  • As one of the authorised registration trustees in Dubai, we are well capable of assisting clients in opening an Escrow account Dubai property developers need as mandated by law. The Escrow account acts as a guarantee account that ensures a developer will only use funds provided by investors solely for the construction, sales and marketing, payments, and consultancy of a land development project.
  • Trustee offices like OnTime have in-house experts who are well-versed in the documents and processes that are required in opening Escrow accounts, as well as with all the registration fees involved. For buyers that are in the process of purchasing, or have completed the purchase, of an off-plan property, we can help you with the process for registering the Oqood (contract) and settling the Oqood registration fees at the soonest possible time.
  • In transactions that involve off-plan properties, the incomplete sale (partial purchase or only a portion of the total amount is paid) must be initially registered to secure a certificate that indicates the process of sale and all the paid and pending amounts. It is designed to protect the rights of both owners and investors, particularly in the event of a resale.

Contact us for more information

OnTime offers professional services that aim to help individuals and corporations have a seamless process for registering properties they are buying or selling and to ensure
that they comply with all the requirements mandated by the Land Department.

If you need our expert services, or you require more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our staff will be more than happy to entertain your inquiries.

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